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Monday, June 12, 2017
5 stars - "Testimonial by Lauren & Rochelle N., Nampa, Idaho"
1st Choice Mortgage
Lauren & Rochelle N., Nampa, Idaho

"My wife and I worked with Gabe McGuire and 1st Choice Mortgage Company to to refiniance our home with a VA loan. We weren't sure if we were going to refiniance, and we had so many questions, which Gabe capably and patiently answered.

Gabe was so helpful, knowledgeable, and capable, that we not only decided to refinance, we decided to use 1st Choice Mortgage, instead of going through my bank, that I've been banking with for over 30 years now. And it was a great decision.

We have so many not so great memories of the first mortgage. They were constantly asking us for information we'd already submitted. And if we pointed out that we'd already submitted it to them, they'd ask us to "just do it again." Which is pretty frustrating...

Gabe and 1st Choice Mortgage were such a pleasure to work with. Gabe kept us up to date with all the requirements we needed for our loan, without once asking us to resubmit information we'd already given them.

Gabe also provided us with a checklist of "Things NOT to do that will screw up your mortgage." I've never even HEARD of that before, and it was helpful and useful information. We actually might have done one of those things the list warned us about, had we not had that.

Our loan went through without a problem, and we got a great interest rate too, thanks to Gabe and 1st Choice Mortgage. I can't even begin to say how much we appreciated their quiet competence and expertise. I can't recommend them highly enough. Should we ever need their services again, we know where to go, and we will continue to recommend them most highly to everyone we know."

5 stars - "Testimonial by Julie & Jason S., Boise, Idaho"
1st Choice Mortgage
Julie & Jason S., Boise, Idaho

Kerri was awesome! Extremely responsive to all of our questions. Joined us at closing and alerted us as soon as we were funded and recorded. Would recommend Kerri in a heartbeat. Thanks Kerri.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
5 stars - "Testimonial by Jody M. Boise, Idaho"
1st Choice Mortgage
Jody M. Boise, Idaho

"Jerry Robinson was great - he was very patient - he walked us through everything. He kept us informed and was prompt and knowledgeable. I would highly refer him !!"

Thursday, May 25, 2017
5 stars - "Testimonial by Oren & Debra H., Caldwell, Idaho"
1st Choice Mortgage
Oren & Debra H., Caldwell, Idaho

"We worked with Kerri. She came recommend by our daughter and she didn't disappoint. She worked really hard to get us the best rate and make the whole process as smooth as possible. We highly recommend her."

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
5 stars - "Testimonial by Michael & Wendy E., Meridian, Idaho"
1st Choice Mortgage
Michael & Wendy E., Meridian, Idaho

"Working with Kerri at 1st Choice was awesome. She is extremely helpful and willing to answer every question you have. I highly recommend her and 1st Choice."

Entries 1-5 of 177
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