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Dec 12

Rates tick up just a little on outcome of Tax Reform Bill

Mortgage rates last week were pretty much flat on a couple of news articles out of Washington.  The first is the tax reform bill, bond and stock traders are holding their breath to see what is in the actual bill and how it will affect companies.  No one cares about individual tax reform, it is not about the personal taxes, it is ALL about business taxes. 

The final thing that kept rates down was the government running out of money, and over the weekend they kicked the can down the road for another couple of weeks.

Both of these items are going to be in the headlines until they are finally passed, which at that time, will cause rates to become VERY volitile.  Not worth waiting for, lock'em.

Dec 04

Mortgage interest rates go up a little last week

After a crazy roller coaster week, all focused on Senate Tax Reform Bill, interest rates ticked up, just a little.  This week will focus on Reconciliation of the 2 Tax Bills, along with N. Korea.  Final Bill that will be sent to the President will more than likely cause a pretty good rally for stocks, thus selling of Bonds, thus higher interest rates.  But War with N. Korea will cause just opposite affect.

Dec 02

Mortgage Loan amounts increase, More competition for Realtor's Listings

Mortgage loan amounts reduced, Rule changed from the CFPB, listing resource and rate are volitile, more in the blog

Nov 28

Mortgage rate slide and congress doesn't pass tax reform

Mortgage rates slide down last week, as Congress didn't pass tax reform and the short week caused some stocks to sell off.  The next 4 weeks, until the end of the year is going to be VERY interesting, as the market anticipates the Tax Reform Bill and investors are getting more and more concern about a Stock Market Correction.  The talking heads all anticipate some sort of correction with people call for a 10% correction, which would be GREAT to Mortgage Rates.

Nov 14

Mortgage rate tick up, mainly due to Stock Market and Tax Bill

Mortgage rate tick up a little, due to the Senate releasing their tax bill, although slightly different from the House Bill, the feeling is they can work their differences out in Reconsiliation.  We expect rates to keep in this trading band until the final bill is sent to the President.  
That is unless N.Korea does something stupid.

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