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Aug 18

Rates pretty flat, new lending guideline changes...again!

In this blog, mortgage rates are trending down, appraisal issues, and guideline changes.

Jul 24

Boise Mortgage Rates flat last week, but watch this week!

Mortgage rates last week were pretty flat, squeaking out a minimal .06 reduction.  This week we are in a neutral stance, mainly because the Federal Reserve meets this week.  And although we do not anticipate a rate hike, we do expect some guidance on unwinding their balance sheet and by how much.  This will include the Fed NOT purchasing any more mortgage back securities (MBS).  The Fed has been purchasing MBS  for 8+ years now, keeping mortgage rates artificially low.  As they start to NOT purchase MBS and also potentially selling MBS, we will see rates become even more volatile, thus rising with the markets, instead of being influenced by the Federal Reserve.

Jul 18

Home loan rates trending down this week

WOW, mortgage rates are sliding a little, all off comments from the Fed Reserve that they may not raise their rates again this year.  But we shall see.  Also we are starting to see some economic numbers come in lower than expected.

Jul 10

Mortgage rate in Boise Trending up!

Mortgage rates ticked up again last week, mainly on GeoPolitics, but we did get some interest news out of the Federal Reserve. Starting in September, they will quit buy Mortgage Back Securities (MBS), and also start to sell MBS. If this becomes the new norm, we are finally going to see mortgage rate NOT be influenced down by the Government, and they will finally, after 9 years, be traded evenly with the market. Thus...wait for it...rates will finally trend to where they should be, in the high 4's to low 5's.

Jul 03

Mortgage rates in Idaho increase

Mortgage  rates increased last week, mainly due to info out of Europe that the EU central bank is going to quit buying bonds.  Also we received more strong economic news from the US markets, and...well The Donald is making news too.

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