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Veteran mortgage change for the Better, VA Home Loans for 2020

Congress passed Blue Water Law that will dramatically help Veterans with Home Loans in Idaho!

VA Blue Water Law

Congress actually did something in 2019, and this time it is helping the Veterans with housing!  It is called the Blue Water Law, and among other item, it helps Vietnam Veterans who were not on land with help for their Disabilities and Benefits, WAY TO GO!!!

On the mortgage front, it also help the Veterans as well.  Beginning January 1st, 2020 we will have the following changes:

-There will be no limit on a purchase price or refinance amount for a VA Home Loan.  Yep, that means if a Veteran can qualify for a $1.5 Million home in Boise, they can get 100% financing.  This is huge as now Veterans are not limited to conforming loan limits, which currently stand at $484K and change in Boise, Idaho.

-Funding Fees will change.  Right now, there is a separate funding fee for an Active Duty/Retired military person, and a Veteran who was or is in the National Guard or Reserves.  This it kind of a positive and negative.  For Active Duty Veterans, the upfront Funding Fees actually go up.  But for Reservists/National Guard, the funding fees actually go down.  You can find the new Funding Fees at this web site:

-Another change comes in the way of an Active Duty Personal who receives a Purple Heart, and is still in the military.  That individual will now be exempt from the Funding Fee!!!

We will have some minor tweaks to the underwriting, but these are the major items that will be released.

Also, I have indicated before, but since I am on the subject of VA loans, it is against VA Guidelines for a Real Estate agent to charge a Transaction fee to a Veteran Buyer.  And If a Realtor has done that in the past, they have to refund that money back, ASAP.  The fine is HUGE.

Posted by 375loan at 11/27/2019 2:18:00 AM
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