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Veteran Administration home loan Entitlement codes

How do Entitlement codes affest a VA home loan in Idaho?

If you every pulled a Veterans Certificate of Eligiblity and wondered what all those entitle ment codes mean, well I have some answers for you!

First, what is an VA Mortgage Entitlement code?  Basically the entitlement code tell the Veteran and mortage lenders how you are entitled to the VA home loan benefit, based on a period of service with varous branches of the military. 


Here are the codes and the Era they are assigned to:

Entitlement Code Era Which they are assigned to
01 World War II
02 Korean War
03 Post-Korean War
04 Vietnam
05 Entitlement Restored
06 Surviving Spouse
07 Spouse of POW/MIA
08 Post-World War II
09 Post-Vietnam
10 Persian Gulf War
11 Selected Reserves

Quick defination of a few of them:

  • Entitlement Code 05:  This is for a veteran that has typically used their VA Home Loan benefit atleast 1x and has had their certificate of eliglibility restord to purchase another home.
  • Entitlement Code 10:  This is the most common code, as it started 08/02/1990 and continues through today for those who have served in the Gulf War.
  • Entitlement Code 06:  This if for a surviving spouse, who has not remarried, is eliglble for a VA Home Loan.

Have more questions, we have answers!  We are pros when it comes to VA home loans in Idaho!



Posted by 375loan at 12/12/2019 2:33:00 AM
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