Tyler F Barber, Loan Adviser

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Hailing from the sunny streets of Orlando, Tyler navigated life's twists and turns with a heavy dose of curiosity and a sense of adventure. His journey began post-high school when he traded hallways for the high seas, enlisting with the U.S. Navy and serving aboard the USS George Washington in Yokosuka, Japan. Following his naval adventures, a new course was set sail for academia, leading Tyler to earn both a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

After completing his education, Tyler stumbled upon a thrilling challenge that transformed him into a blueprint-wrangling maestro, overseeing the construction of homes for many families and individuals around the Denver area. It was amidst the hum of construction that Tyler discovered his passion for helping people achieve the dream of home ownership. Now, as a Mortgage Loan Officer in Boise, Tyler has brought this enthusiasm to a community that he has grown to love.

Beyond the realms of interest rates and closing costs, Tyler's world blossoms along picturesque hiking trails, beneath the vast expanse of starlit camping nights with loved ones, and within the rhythmic cadence of his perfectly executed pickleball serves (or at least he thinks). For those eager to engage in mortgage discussions imbued with a generous sprinkle of Idaho love, connecting with Tyler is the ticket. Whether immersing in real estate tales or uncovering the hidden gems of Idaho, Tyler relishes in the chance to have a conversation that not only navigate the intricacies of home financing but also plunge into the vibrancy of Idaho's community.




3023 E. Copper Point Dr., Suite 101
Meridian, ID  83642

(208) 375-LOAN(5626)