HUD Good Neighbor Next Door

Avaialbe to:  Law Enforcement, Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade, Firefighters, Emergency Medical technicial

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Good Neighbor Next Door

The Good Neighbor Next Door is an AWESOME program for:

Good neighbor next door police law enforcement mortgage boise nampa caldwell eagle

Law Enforcement Officers

Good neighbor next door teacher mortgage boise nampa caldwell eagle

Teachers from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Good neighbor next door firefighter mortgage boise nampa caldwell eagle


Good neighbor next door EMT paramedic mortgage boise nampa caldwell eagle

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's)

It allows for HUD foreclosed homes to be prioritized to be sold to qualified individuals at HUGELY discounted rates.  HUD offers these home, in the form of a discount of 50% off the listing price of the home.  These dedicated individuals can then contribute to their community revitalization, all the while being homeowners for a minimum of 36 months as a primary residence.



You are a firefighter in Nampa, Idaho.  A Good Neighbor Next Door home comes on the market for $150,000.  That is the listing price, but as a Qualified Good Neighbor Next Door participaant, you will get the home for $75,000, that is right 50% off.  Is there a catch, yes, you need to live in the home for 36 months.  At time of closing, you will get a 2nd Deed of Trust and a 2nd Note for the Forgivable Amount, in this example, $75,000.  This is called a "silent 2nd", which means there is no interest and no payments for 36 months.  Once you live in the home for 36 months, that Deed of Trust and Note is forgiven and removed from the property!

For the $75,000 you do purchase the home for, you can get a FHA, VA or conventional loan for that amount.  And if the home needs to be fixed up, FHA has a GREAT 203K Rehabilitation Loan, which means you can roll the costs of home repairs into the home loan.
More information about FHA loans


Good Neighbor Next Door Who can participate?

Law Enforcement Office:
A person can apply for the Good Neighbor Next Door program if you are employed Full Time by a Law Enforsements agency at the Federal, State, County or City level and are able to make arrest and uphold the law at the federal, state, tribal, county or city levels.  The home you are applying for must be in the local area which you serve.


To participate in the Good Neighbor Next Door program, you need to be employed full time by a State accredited public school or a private school that provides direct services to students from preschool through grade 12.  The home which you are applying for has to be in the area where your students are in.


Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT):
To be elible for the Good Neighbor Next Door program, you have to be employed as a full time firefighter or EMT or Paramedic by a fire department unit under Federal, State, County or City government.  And the home you are applying for needs to be with in your area which you cover.

Good Neighbor Next Door: Available Homes

Good Neighbor Next Door homes become availabe very randomly, you will need to get with an AWESOME Realtor, and have the start searching for you.  Do you need a Realtor, YES, they have to be registered with HUD.  And we have some GREAT Realtors we can hook you up with!

You can also search for these homes on HUD's web site, that link is here:

Once you do find a home, JUMP on it and get your offer in ASAP.  


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