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Nov 12

Mortgage rate up again last week on inflation fears

Mortgage rates ended higher last week by 0.02, not much, could of been worse, as the Federal Reserve indicated that they will continue to raise rates, which indicates they see inflation on the horizon.  And inflation is BAD for mortgage rate!


If you didn't watch my blog from last week, the link is here, I go over rates a little more:


Nov 05

Mortgage Rates on the Cusp

Mortgage rates are on a cusp of jumping quite a bit higher, as the 10 year Bond and the Mortgage Bonds are close to making a jump, which would allow rates to jump in to the mid 5%.  We are going to watch Federal Reserve decision on Thusday, not for a rate increase, but for what their policy statement is.  Then on Friday we will have Producer Price Index, or inflation at the producer level, and also this week the US is going to sell of more of our debt, which will influence rates also.  Gonig to be another roller coaster week for rates, with the consensus that rates will increase.

Nov 03

Mortgage rates going over 5%, Fannie mae tightening guideliens.

In this Blog:

  • Mortgage rates heading for high 5%'s
  • Fannie mae tightening underwriting guidelines
  • Manufactures home are not scary.

Oct 27

Mortgage Loan rates improve, Insurance CLUE report

In this Blog:

  • -Mortgage rates improve, a little.
  • -Realtors & CLUE List.
  • -FREE Appraisal report

Oct 22

Mortgage rates in Nampa increase again

Rates jumped again last week, as inflation number set in and we saw some declining housing numbers as well. Federal Reserve also released their notes, and all number point to continued inflation concerns, which is going to make the Fed raise their rates as well. We saw on Thursday a little weakness out of Europe, which prevented rates from even being worse last week. No reason to think rates are going to fall.
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Oct 17

Best Time To List or Buy a home?

When is the best time to buy a home or list a home?

Oct 16

Mortgage rates simmer as the End is Near?

In this Blog:

  • Rates Stablize for now
  • The end is near?
  • The end is near, version 2
  • Marketing Idea

Oct 16

Mortgage rates Flat for Nampa & Boise

Mortgage rates pretty much took last week off, and the stock market battled with a sell off. But this is an issue, typically, when stock tank, investors put their money into Bonds, and they did NOT last week. Lots of economic data to digest this week, mainly focusing on Housing. Still no reason to float rates, they are continuing to go up!

Oct 09

Mortgage rates were BAD last week for Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian.

Let's put it simple, rates sucked last week. We had wayyy to much inflation news last week, and it saw a major sell off of bonds, thus rate rose over .25 last week. This week, we are anticipating much of the same, economic news is going to be focused on inflation again, there is no reason to think rates are going to go back under 5.00%, we can say Good Buy to the 4's.


Oct 06

Home Loan rates TANK, Mortgage Fraud on the rise

In this Blog:
-Mortgage rates worsen, more than last week.
-Mortgage Fraud on the rise
-Appraisal Waivers
-Marketing Idea!

Oct 01

Nampa home loan mortgage rates go down last week

Mortgage rates got a reprieve last week, but only because Italy can't get its act together, if it wasn't for that, rates would of worsened for the 5th week in a row. We are still at highest levels since September 2011. This week is a biggy, with wage inflation on everyone's mind. I suspect a tepid week, until Friday when we see unemployment numbers and wage inflation numbers.


Sep 29

September rates increased, Investor Non-Prime Loan, Down payment Assistance

In this Blog:

  • Mortgage rates are going up
  • Rocket Homes?
  • Down Payment Assistance update
  • more!!!!

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