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Aug 18

Mortgage rates improve & recasting a mortgage

In this Blog:
* Turkey & Mortgage Rates
* Bad Loan Approval Letters
* Recasting a Loan
* Appraisal Waivers

Aug 13

Turkey & Idaho Mortgage Rates

Turkey causing mortgage rates in Idaho to sink?

Aug 06

Mortgage Rates flat, but this week could change that.

Mortgage rates are trending lower as traders are still trying to digest Friday's Job Numbers.  Was it low because business are not hiring or was it low because there are no workers.  I am of opinion of the latter, the US is at full employment, and thus wages are going to have to increase, thus inflation, and inflation is bad for Rates.  Today, we have Trump Tweeting about various items which is causing rates to decrease.  I am pretty cautious this week, as rates are in a position to break out and increase, but watch out on Trade Tweets.  Special note, we do get CPI or Consumer Price Index, which is gauge on inflation, all eyes will be focused on this report this week.


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Jul 30

Nampa & Boise Mortgage Rates increase last week

Mortgage rates are set to increase:

  • ADP Private Payroll
  • US BLS unemployment rate
  • PCE rates

Jul 28

Mortgage Rates are stuck, Realtor Myths debunked, New Loan Products

In this Blog:

  • Mortgage Rates are stuck.
  • Underwriting on Personal Items.
  • Realtor myths debunked.

Jul 23

Idaho mortgage rates for home loans increase a little

Mortgage rates almost had an improvement last week, but again Trump Tweets, about Federal Reserve and China, caused rates to raise and erase all improvements. This week economic news will probably brushed aside and traders will focus on any tweets and economic news out of the White House.

Jul 17

Mortgage rates simmer last week, but anticipating on rising

Rates pretty flat last week, but today we are seeing a significant worsening as inflation and retail sales. We are still Trading in a narrow range, but with more inflation news on the horizon we are anticipating rates continue to rise this week.

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Jul 14

FHA Mortgage News, Facebook and Posting, Mortgage Rates

In this Blog:

  • FHA News about Mortgage insurance
  • Realtor stealing drugs.
  • Mortgage rates
  • Social Median Postings

Jul 10

Mortgage rates in Boise Nampa Caldwell flat last week

Mortgage rates were pretty much flat last week, as the holiday preventing trading and everyone was wondering the effect of the trade war. Also there were no economic Tweets from Trump as he focused on his Supreme Court decision. This week we will focus on Inflation at the Consumer Level. Rates are worse this morning and we anticipating them worsening as the work progresses.

Jun 18

Mortgage Rates in Boise flat last week

Rates traded in a very narrow channel last week, with them overall improving just slightly. This was mainly due to Trump and Trade. This week it will again be about Trade and Trump's Tweets. Economic reports this week mainly focus on Housing with Starts, Permits and Existing Home Sales.

Jun 16

Realtors needing a Solicitation License??

In this Blog:
-Mortgage rates simmer this week.
-Do Realtors need another License?
-USDA Rural Development income limits increase.

Jun 12

Mortgage rates are on the rise again

Mortgage rates up last week, but not as much as they could of been. All eyes are going to be on 3 items this week. 1-Trump summit, if things good good, rates will worsen. 2-Fed Meeting on Wednesday, .25 is baked into rates but it will be the comments that will touch off rate increase or decrease. And 3rd, European and Japanese Reserve Banks will all comment his week as well. It should not be a great week for rates.


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