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Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together

Mortgage rates in Idaho worsened last week, as the Trump Admin and China looks like they have made a trade deal, or atleast Phase 1.  I indicated a few months back that I felt the closer we got to the election the more likely a trade deal would get done.  I really feel that this deal was pushed up to front run the impeachment hearings...but what ever.

The bond market and stock market really are not looking at economic numbers and is focusing on Trade, so no use speaking about numbers today (housing, unemployment, inflation).  I will speak about the pending recession, when ever that may happen.  Two talking heads spoke last week, pushing the recession out of 2020 and into 2021, and with the pending Trade Deal, 2020 is looking REALLY GOOD for economic growth.

Watch for the details to come out of the Trade Deal, this will really either set the stock market on FIRE, and thus mortgage rates will continue to go up.  OR if it is like the deal with Mexico/Canada, which is flaking out, then we could see stocks sell off and mortgage rate improve.

Posted by 375loan at 12/16/2019 10:50:00 PM
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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Re:Home Loan rates go up last week, as trade deal is coming together
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